A Message to My Readers

Thank you, dear reader!

First of all, thank you for being interested in my “climate mails”. I have been publishing these mails for over 10 years now. Initially for some close friends, with whom I shared the belief that climate change is not, or marginally at the most, being influenced by man.

I have started to write these mails, because I hate to see a perfectly good civilization is going to waste. Not because I’m standing with my back to society, on the contrary. If the theory about climate warming is wrong, than global society is mis-investing time, money and resources on an unprecedented scale. Think about it what could be done with it. Education in developing countries, cure for diseases, clean-up of the plastic-soup, research in fields that really bring something about for mankind and so on.

Because climate warming has almost become a religion, different opinions are less and less welcome and hence difficult to find in the main stream media. And so I hope that my mails provide some alternative information.

Our readership is steadily increasing. Located from Scandinavia to South-Africa and from Sri Lanka to North America, with a center of gravity in the Netherlands. Because I know you almost all personally, I prefer this form of communication above social media or a publicly accessible website. As a mail to friends, where I can go more into detail and were facts are more important than being politically correct.

Feel free to share these mails with persons who could be interested in the subject, that is what they are meant for. And if somebody would like to be added to the distribution list, my pleasure.